Brussel’s Architecture

At Frame Architects, an architectural design and construction company, we love international culture and architecture, and today, we want to highlight the architecture of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. This city is marked by “Bruselization”, the process by which the city was developing without any order.

What architecture can you find in Brussels?

Grand Place: the most reprentative place

In the heart of Brussels we find La Grand Place, an architectural jewel recognized as a World Heritage Site. It is a Renaissance work with flamenco elements.

In this square is the city hall of Brussels. This building is an exceptional example of Gothic architecture that lasted in some countries of Europe. His works began in 1402 from the hand of the architect Jacob van Thienen.

La grand place Brussel

In addition to all his career and architectural history, we can also find many contemporary buildings based on modern and current architecture.

Cathedral of San Miguel and Santa Gúdula

Brussels Cathedral is a Gothic-style building that is located near the city’s central station. Its construction began in 1226 with Gobertange stone and ended in 1500.

Its charm continues inside, since its interior is very bright thanks to its large windows. Being typically Gothic, it has three naves that are separated by wide round Norman-style pillars, which in turn are joined by cross arches.

Brussels cathedral

Museum of Musical Instruments

This museum is one of the most interesting in the Belgian capital. It was founded in 1977 as an annex to the Royal Conservatory of Music and was forming its collection of ancient instruments through donations, such as that of musicologist François-Joseph Fétis.

The modernist style building is a work of Paul Saintenoy, who built it using forged steel and glass. Its elevator is also made out of forged steel.

Musical instruments museum

From Frame Architects, we really hope that you enjoyed this piece of Belgian culture that we bring to you today and that you remain attentive to the new articles that we will be publishing on our blog. See you very soon!

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