Brussels, Belgium

This project takes place in the REPER complex, the diplomatic headquarters that represents Spain in the capital of Europe, Brussels. The complex was built in the 80’s by the famous Spanish architect Sáenz de Oiza, known for his emblematic achievements such as the Torres Blancas. 

The main idea was to create a facade that integrates to some extent the neighboring buildings into the solution. The entrance garden, the heights, the roof shape, the exterior grills and the alignments were marked by the order. On this façade facing Regent Boulevard, four bronze capitals by the artist Capa were placed after a plaster cast by Sáenz de Oíza.


The marble of the shaft of these columns is from Carrara, as is the marble used in the interior; Loja stone from Granada is used on the façades. The cornice of the narrow façade is made of bronze.

REPER has decided, in the context of the European Presidency of 2023, to modernize the interior layout of its premises, simplifying access, while maintaining the remarkable exterior envelope, a heritage witness to the work of Sáenz de Oiza.

The following project is part of the overall renovation and features two floors of office space.